Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree

I'm pretty sure that putting up the Christmas tree is one of my favorite days of the whole year - maybe even my favorite day of the year.  I'm also pretty sure that I'm the only one who feels this way in our house :)  It's probably the nostalgia of the Christmas music playing and the dim lighting with the tree lighting up the room and the reminiscing about each ornament as we put it on the tree.  I just love it. And this year was no different.  

The boys were wildly crazy with the other decorations as I got the tree out and set up.
After the lights were on - which was a little make due this year as our pre-lit tree had only one remaining set of lights at the top of the tree still working and no other strands to be found except a bush net -- I made it work, haha - it was time to get out the ornaments.  
Each year my mom would take me to Hallmark and let me and my sister each pick out whatever ornament we wanted.  I've always remembered that tradition with fond memories, so I've continued the tradition with my boys.  This year we had to go on a late night hunt for their ornaments as the local Hallmark store had closed and Kohls only had a handful of ornaments.  So at 8:30 one night we went across town to find just the right ones.  This year we picked:

Can you guess who picked what?  (Family photo - me, Laser Tag gun - Levi, Train - Titus, Turbo - Isaiah and The Who - Mark)

After putting on a few ornaments, it was time to go crazy with more Christmas decorations!

And then do some more! 
And then go a little more crazy!
Yeah, this is definitely one of my most favorite days of the year!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Days

It seems like every
 day is another fun or exciting or crazy day.  Life is not dull with 3 crazy boys and a business!  I could probably create a blog post for just about every day - but here's a quick over view of some of our November.

It's not uncommon that the boys get to come hang out at the store while Mark and I have something that must be done or a meeting with someone.  Let's just say it's NOT a smart idea to give them sharpie permanent markers - oops!
 One of Titus' favorite things - playing in the kitchen sink full of soap!
 Levi and his zipper jammies - his favorite thing ever -- eating one of the yummy caramel apples that we made!
 Titus and his most favorite toy in November - his choo choos.
 A new favorite spot -- the library Lego table.  
 And another favorite - playing the computers at the library.
 Cool dudes.
 Dance party with our friends -- What does the fox say?
 For our fall conferences we swapped kids with my friend Jen who's daughter is in Isaiah's class. The kids had a fun night -- first at their house, home for supper, and then friends over!  
 Friday night parties continued at Anna's house.  There is usually a concert at some point in the night full of crazy singing, dancing and the disco ball!
 We took a trip to visit Liahna for her birthday.  Sweet little boy on the pink Minne motor-scooter. 
 And the pink Barbie Jeep.  My sisters house is FULL of pink -- and our house has next to none :)
 The birthday girl!
 And movie party in Aunt Nikki's bedroom!
 Isaiah cherishes his Monday nights with his daddy.  They go play laser tag together - I hear that Isaiah is as good as (or better than) the other adults who play!  :)
We had a little snow in November - Isaiah found a tote lid and made it into a sled. 
 We went with LeAnna and Caiden to the Holiday Hoopla celebration the day after Thanksgiving to welcome Santa to town! 
 We went to visit Great Grandma Carol.
 The neighbors were upgrading their bikes and decided to pass their old onto our boys -- perfect sizes and great condition!  They were thrilled!
 We sadly said goodbye to our friends Erin, Shiloh, Avdon, and Brielle with a playdate at the jumpy house. 
 Happy Birthday LeAnna! 
 These two sweet boys love to sleep side by side at night.  I love that they are such good friends.  
 Movie night at our house!  We love having friends over!
 And a little painting after movie time -- Isaiah's beautiful painting with Evelyn.
 And Brayden.
What a fun filled November!